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AAU Insurance

AAU provides secondary medical if individuals already have primary insurance.  It will provide primary if there is no other insurance after the deductible is met.  In order for your insurance to be valid you should know the following.

  • Everyone, players, coaches, volunteers and clubs should be registered with AAU in order to have valid coverage.
  • Club Membership to have club practice insurance
  • Type (A) Coverage -  Youth Athlete $14.00 - Only covered in AAU Sanctioned Events
  • Type (A) Coverage - Coach $16.00 - Only covered in AAU Sanctioned Events
  • Type (AB) -  Youth Athlete $16.00 - Covered in Non Sanctioned Events
  • Type (AB) - Coach $18.00 - Covered in Non Sanctioned Events
  • For (AB) Coverage to apply the following criteria must be met.  1. Entire team coaches and athletes must be (AB) card holders. 2. Events must be formally scheduled, supervised, and conducted by a recognized sports association, civic group, or school, and the host's rules must be enforced.
  • For Adult Fees for other Specific Sports, please call the AAU office at 770-979-1584 / aaunichols@bellsouth.net

For details on Insurance Benefits available to Clubs and Individuals go to the 'Insurance' page of the AAU
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An AAU Sanction provides insurance on your facilities, competitive event and practices. 
See Hosting a Sanctioned Event for more information.


Frequently facilities require a third party certificate in order to run an event at their facility.  They require an actual insurance policy with their name on it.  AAU can provide this with the proper requests for a cost of $25.00 per request.  More than one facility may be on a single request.  Third party requests require thirty (30) days notice.  If you need a request in less than thirty days, the fee will be $100.00.  If you need to add facilities to an existing request there will be no charge.  All third party requests must be attached to a valid and approved sanction form.  To request a sanction and third party certificate, contact

Liz Nichols - 770-979-1584 aaunichols@bellsouth.net
To obtain Third Party Certificate Request Form to www.aausports.org and choose Forms from the menu bar. 
You can download and print a copy to keep in your  files.

To obtain a Specimen of Insurance Certificate for your facility with your club name on it you can go to www.aausports.org and click on Access Log In.  You will need your club number and current AAU number to Log on.  After you log on, you will be able to print a specimen of insurance certificate with your Club Name and information on it to give to your facilities.



For additional insurance information go to www.aausports.org




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