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Please Note:  When registering your athletes and coaches on line (Internet), please make sure to include your Club Number.  If you do not have a club number, register your club before beginning to register your athletes and coaches. 


If you use your club number when registering over the Internet, you will be able to go the national web site www.aausports.org and select "access login" from the menu at the top of the page.  Select the club coach tab.  Type in your club number and your AAU membership number to access a club listing of your  members and club proof of insurance certificates.  If you do not include your club number when registering over the Internet, you will not be able to utilize this tool to retrieve a list of your club members and their AAU numbers.

To find events and activities for your Sport, click the 'Individual Sports' tab on the left.
On that page you can then click the Sport that interests you.
There you will find contact information for the Georgia AAU Director. 
Additional information may be provided on events, policies, rules, etc.
Thank you for your interest in GA AAU.




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