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Internet Registration

All Clubs and Athletes must Register On Line

AAU Membership is required to participate in all AAU sanctioned events.

Membership runs from September 1 - August 31

AAU Membership must be purchased online through the National AAU Web Site.  If you are registering a team, lease make
sure that you have
registered your club properly first.  Use the AAU Club number on each of the individual AAU Membership registrations for those on your team. Please fill out all the requested information correctly so that your  Georgia AAU Office will the ability to contact you with important information.

You should be aware that you will need a credit card to register over the internet. 
To register over the Internet Click the 'Join Now' AAU Logo Below.

If a club registers AB then all members including athletes and coaches must be AB - not split coverage.

Membership benefits include accident insurance (which is secondary and applicable after any primary coverage) for all properly sanctioned AAU events and supervised practices of member clubs.
For details, go to the 'Insurance' page of the AAU

Click Here

  To complete the Membership Registration, you will need a credit card
      (accepted - AMEX, MC, VISA, etc) and a printer to print your AAU Membership Card.





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