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Club Membership

Your AAU Club Membership is valid from September 1 through August 31 of any given year.  You may have as many teams or age groups in your club as desired.  Club Membership is optional though necessary to receive AAU mailings, event notifications, voting rights in AAU elections (must have five members attached to club 15 days prior to elections for listed club representative to have voting rights), club practice insurance and to host sanctioned AAU events. Your AAU Club Membership will provide insurance benefits to your club immediately provided that all your members are registered with AAU. (See individual coach and athlete registration) There are three levels of Club Memberships available.  The fee varies according to which level you choose to best fit your clubís needs.  To learn more about these three levels click on the link below.

Please Note: When you register your athletes and coaches online (Internet), please make sure to include your Club Number. If you do not have a club number, register your club before beginning to register your athletes and coaches.

Register Your Club First!
Use that club code when registering all your coaches and athletes

You can retrieve a club listing of your members if you do the following

If you use your club number when registering over the Internet, you will be able to go the national web site www.aausports.org and select "access login" from the menu at the top of the page. Select the club coach tab. Type in your club number and your AAU membership number to access a club listing of your members and club proof of insurance certificates. If you do not include your club number when registering over the Internet, you will not be able to utilize this tool to retrieve a list of your club members and their AAU numbers.

For Individual AAU Membership Fees
Click Here

If you need further information you can call Liz Nichols at (678) 596-1374 or aaunichols@bellsouth.net

Register Your Club as Level 1, 2 or 3



Individual Membership

All individual registrations are valid from September 1 through August 31 of any give year.  All registrations for individuals and clubs must be done online at www.aausports.org.  If you are able to register all athletes in one age group or on each team on a roster, this will enable your sports chairman to better identify teams for contact and planning purposes.  Using the multiple registration form does not mean that you can not make changes, deletions or additions to any team.  Individual registration applications are also available for additional registrations.  Registrations will not be accepted without a complete birth date.  Please note that if you do not state YES or NO in the insurance column, AAU will automatically assume that the athlete has primary insurance.  (See Insurance)  Be sure to state whether or not you are purchasing (A) or (AB) registrations.  Type (A) registration only covers the athlete or coach during AAU sanctioned events.  Type (AB) registration (Added Benefit) covers the athlete and coach at any non-AAU sanctioned events.  For (AB) coverage to apply the following criteria must be met. 1. All members of your team and coaches must have (AB) coverage.   You can not have split coverage.  2. Events must be formally scheduled, supervised, and conducted by a recognized sports association, sports organization,  civic group, or school and hostís rules must be enforced. If you wish to register your athletes over the Internet, go to the bottom of this page.  Please make sure that you include your Club Number on the application when registering over the Internet.


2010 AAU Membership

The AAU competition year runs from Sept 1 through Aug 31

Click the "Join Now" button and register.


AAU Membership is required by Athletes, Coaches and Officials

to participate in all AAU sanctioned events.

Membership benefits include accident insurance (which is secondary and

applicable after any primary coverage) for all properly sanctioned

AAU events and supervised practices of member clubs.




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